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August Wilson’s Ground
in the Age of AI



The theatre industry
and the Impact of AI



AI can assist playwrights and scriptwriters by generating dialogue, suggesting plot twists, or even creating entire scenes. It can analyze existing scripts to identify patterns and generate new ideas based on popular themes.


Costume Design

AI algorithms can help costume designers create unique and innovative costumes. By analyzing historical fashion trends, cultural influences, and even actor preferences, AI can suggest designs that align with the production's vision.


Voice Synthesis

AI can mimic specific voices, accents, and even historical figures' speech patterns. This could be useful for creating realistic vocal performances or providing prompters for actors during live performances.


Audience Engagement

AI-driven chatbots and interactive experiences can engage with the audience before, during, and after performances. These bots can answer questions, provide information about the play, or even offer personalized recommendations based on individual preferences.


Real-time Feedback

During live performances, AI can capture data from the audience's reactions, including emotional responses, laughter, and applause. This feedback can help directors make on-the-fly adjustments to enhance the overall experience.


Set Design

AI can aid in designing and visualizing stage sets. It can generate 3D models, lighting simulations, and even recommend optimal stage arrangements based on the mood or atmosphere the director wants to create.



AI tools can analyze vast databases of actors and actresses to identify suitable candidates for specific roles. It can consider factors like acting skills, physical appearance, and previous performances to recommend potential cast members.


Rehearsals & Training

AI-powered virtual rehearsals can help actors practice their lines and receive feedback on their performances. It can simulate interactions between characters and assist in improving timing, emotions, and overall acting skills.


Marketing & Promotion

AI can analyze audience data to identify trends and preferences, helping theater companies tailor their marketing strategies. This includes targeted advertising, social media campaigns, and personalized recommendations.



AI can assist in making theater more accessible to individuals with disabilities. For example, AI-powered captioning and translation services can ensure that everyone can enjoy the performance.


The American Century Cycle

A play for each decade...

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom


Joe Turner's Come and Gone

The Piano Lesson

Two Trains Running

Gem of the Ocean

Seven Guitars

King Hedley II

Radio Golf

Indoor Glass Billboard

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